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TIP #3: Proper Posture:

by Dr. Golf

Objective: Prevents dipping or raising up,and,hitting thin or fat shots.

The golf swing is a coil, pivot, turn or rotation around your spine angle. To coil properly you need to have the "proper" posture.

Start by standing comfortably erect, hands hanging at your side. Doing this in front of a mirror will be a great advantage. Please notice how your shoulders are below your chin. You must maintain this relationship while doing the following: tilt forward from the hip (your rear end should feel like it's protruding slightly with a slight arch in your lower back) until your arms are hanging over your toes. Look at yourself in the mirror and notice your head and shoulder relationship. It should be pretty much the same as when you were standing straight.

Repeat this routine with a club. When you are set, look in the mirror, take a deep breath, let it all out, then soften your right side so that your right shoulder drops a bit and you appear tilted. Do NOT lift your left shoulder, but drop your right. With your arms hanging from the shoulders and without the feel of 'reaching', your right elbow should be resting gently against your rib cage.

It is important that you notice the lack of tension. Tension in the golf swing is a killer. Tight muscles will not project a golf ball properly. Remember! Practice and repetition is the name of this game.

Questions? You are welcome to contact me at golfxr@usa.net. Remember! Practice and repetition is the name of this game. And it is a game, so have fun!

Dr. Golf

Any questions regarding the above or anything else can be mailed to: golfxr@usa.net or you may call 770-393-3069. Private lessons are available at a reasonable rate.

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